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Cruelty Free Bargain Beauty

Cruelty Free Bargain Beauty

Beauty products and make up are items that many women (and some men) love to use on a daily basis, whether its simply to cover up a pesky spot or to go full glam with a smoky eye and contour, there's a beauty product available to meet your every need! Cheap make up however is something which can be tricky, cheaper products are often poor quality, the wrong shade or even bad for your skin and therefore many people opt for the expensive high end products for fear the cheaper alternatives won't do the job. I'm here to say that's not the case! Bargain beauty is something which can still look and feel amazing without breaking the bank, and due to my own views on animal testing all products I recommend are totally cruelty free.

Before you can even think about buying beauty products you're going to need something to apply them with! Make up brushes differ hugely in price from as cheap as £6 for a set of 10 (ebay) to upwards of £100 for fiv…
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Top Travel Tips

Top Travel Tips
Welcome back to Bargain Babe and the next instalment of money saving tips! This weeks post will focus on one of my greatest passions in life...travelling! As a full time student with little time to work shifts at my part time job I have a very limited budget but still manage to get away a few times a year! Here are my top tips for going travelling on a limited budget!
Location The location of your holiday is one of the most influencing factors on what you are likely to spend, my biggest tip is go somewhere obscure!! Travel destinations which are maybe not your first thought when deciding where to go can be a hugely rewarding and exciting experience as long as you do your research. A personal favourite destination is Gdansk in Poland! Me and five friends recently visited the  beautiful city and accommodation, flights and spending money for three days amounted to only £150! More popular of destinations such as Paris will make a far more significant dent on your bank balance…

Supermarket Saver

Supermarket Saver

Hello and welcome to the first proper instalment of Bargain Babe!
This weeks post will focus on something which is often viewed as mundane and boring but which if done properly can save you a lot of time, money and effort! The supermarket shop is something we all do however the way we shop differs vastly. Having worked in a supermarket myself as well as being a student on a tight budget I have collected 6 top tips which can help you save on your next food shop... so let's get down to it.

1. Up first is a tip people often don't think about when doing their food shop, you see the item you've been looking for, reach for the first one you see and put it in the basket. A great tip to help you cut down on waste and save money however is to ALWAYS check the use by date. From working in a supermarket I know that workers are told to put food items with a longer use by date (and are therefore fresher) at the back of the shelf away from direct view. By taking the time …

Introducing myself

Introducing myself!

Hello and welcome to my  brand new blog Bargain Babe!
My name is Eva and I am totally new to blogging but thought I'd give it a go! Bargain Babe is a blog aimed at easy, simple and often un-thought of ways to help you save money in all aspects of life! From reducing the price of your weekly food shop, to all the tips you need for a budget holiday abroad, this is the place to come for all the dollar saving hacks you could ever need.

Before the money saving tips commence however I thought I'd tell you a bit about me in 3 facts:
1. I'm 20 years old and as crazy as it sounds honestly feel like I'm in the middle of a mid-life crisis already! I have no idea what career I want to pursue, I have no idea if my degree will help me in any aspect of adult life and like many 20 year olds I feel  totally out of depth in the adult world incapable of dealing with every day 'adult' tasks such as paying bills and dealing with landlords, but hey ho I'm just g…